Product Design & No-Code Development

Buyinlink is an e-commerce web app that functions to help SMEs with order and inventory management via a link shared through social media.
I worked on all aspects of development ranging from initial sketches to developing the current product. The project lasted for 4 months with a 1-year clause to advise and work on feature updates as well as maintenance.
As of Dec 2021, there are 34 businesses that have signed up with 18 weekly active users (i.e., users that have received orders in the past week).

Approximately 102,000 pesos in invoices have been successfully billed through the site.
Initial Brief
Early in the pandemic the number of small businesses in the Philippines skyrocketed. But shop owners often didn't have the technical know-how or budget to hire a web developer for their shop or to do it on their own using no-code tools like Shopify.

Instead most use GForms or JotForm for their shops which have clunky customer and order management experiences because these services weren’t primary built for e-commerce.

The founders contracted me to build an MVP to build out their idea of a simple checkout page that could be opened through a link in Instagram.
Development Stage was used to build all aspects of the platform such as the front-end,  API connections, workflows, and database structure.

Development lasted for 4 months with a deal to maintain and add features for a year, ending in 2023.
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