CitaDAO v.2
Product Design

CitaDAO is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that allows IRL real estate properties to be tokenized and traded on Ethereum.

The project is to revamp CitaDAO's MVP.
I worked closely with the core DAO team to improve the overall experience of their users, specifically TradFi folks that are looking to invest in the Web3 space and DeFi natives looking to farm yield in liquidity pools.
As of Nov 14, '22, the design phase of the sprint is done and CitaDAO is looking to launch the revamp by the end of Nov to make it in time for their newest real estate property to be tokenized.
Initial Brief
I joined CitaDAO in Nov 2021 because I was interested in their mission tokenize real world properties. Through constant communication and participation with the team as a graphic and product design contributor, I offered my services to improve the CitaDAO product.

We kicked off a sprint to revamp their MVP on May 2022 with the goal of improving their UI to simplify the experience for traditional finance folks and crypto natives.

Another goal was to add additional functionalities to their product, such as token swapping, $KNIGHT token vesting, liquidity pool rewards functions, and other features.
Kick-off greetings with the product team! 🚀
Feature Additions
In order to make the product as robust and diversely useful as possible, we worked on additional features to supplement their core product offering of tokenizing real world properties.
Token swapping feature
DeFi portfolio tracker
LP reward vesting and claiming
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