Product Design

Playdex is a rental marketplace for gaming NFTs in the Ethereum ecosystem.
I was contracted to be the founding product designer to work on Playdex' MVP.

Along with this I also designed Playdex' brand guidelines.
A few weeks upon completion of the MVP, Playdex received $2 million USD in seed funding.

Also, as of Aug 10, '22, there are apprx. 20,000+ monthly active users (most of which are in Asia) that borrow NFT game assets through Playdex.
Initial Brief
Throughout 2021 and 2022, during the crypto and NFT gaming bull run, specifically of Axie Infinity, I worked with Playdex to launch their MVP to market.

The initial brief was to make renting of NFTs as simple as possible given the limits of current technologies for native and non-native crypto users.

Users ranged from those that didn't have a blockchain wallet to those that were familiar with how smart contracts worked.

It was an especially challenging task to onboard the former.
The challenge of user onboarding and wallet signing
The primary target user of Playdex is the average teenage gamer that doesn't have the capital to invest in NFT assets.

Onboarding these folks in a simple and safe way was challenging given how complex the processes of wallet creation, connection, and NFT transfers were.
Source:  Coindesk - The NFT Game That Makes Cents for Filipinos During COVIDThe NFT Game That Makes Cents for Filipinos During COVID
The Solution
Luckily, together with some talented devs, we worked out some solutions to automatically create wallets for those that signed up, by using HD wallet.

Some functions were also abstracted from the users such as balance withdrawals and other smart contract transactions.
That's not all
User onboarding and processing transactions on behalf of users was just one chunk of the project.

I worked on verification processes to avoid Sybil attacks, NFT lending processes for guilds and individuals, and other fun stuff.

If you'd like to hear more about the project, or to talk about how I might be able to help you launch a new product, you can get in touch! 😁
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