Fitness First
MyFit Plan
UI/UX Design
The project is a value-added service that acts as an alternative point-of-sale system which enables Fitness First Philippines' clients, new and old, to craft their own bespoke fitness programs.

It allowed their clients to own their fitness and satisfy their needs as much as possible to achieve their fitness goals.
I worked as the only designer on the project, design and development lasted for 2 and a half months.
It increased client acquisition rates by 15% in Q4 of 2019. It was so successful that Jakarta was set to launch the system back in early 2020.

When lockdowns were imposed in SE Asia non-essential activities like gyms were heavily impacted.
Initial Sketches
The client wanted an interface that was clean and modular where Fitness First could add and remove items without affecting the flow of checkout and also in a way that wasn't hard for developers to maintain.
Information Architecture
Much of the apps' IA is based on common checkout processes, particularly subscription models, because both share medium to long-term time commitments.