Product Design, No-Code Development & Illustration

Selnara is an MVP of a B2B marketplace that I designed and developed for a local startup in the Philippines. The team aimed to help small to medium businesses and resellers connect, earn together, and build partnerships.
In Q1 of 2020 the platform had approximately 19 businesses and 43 resellers. The team raised 2 million pesos from private investors and has grown their team of 4, to 16 in the same year.
I was contracted to handle all product aspects ranging from the initial prototype to the final MVP. I also did a few illustrations to help communicate the overall vision and other related concepts.
Initial Brief
At the start of 2020 due to the pandemic, most businesses had to find alternatives to in-store product distributions, because lockdowns severely impacted brick-and-mortar stores.

The initial idea was simple enough, to have a site where resellers and businesses could connect to build partnerships with the purpose of selling goods.
The initial goal for the MVP was to have a simple enough architecture so that steps were few and far between.

Because unlike B2C marketplaces, B2B transactions have a complex 'trust' based system which could lead to long dragging flows.

For example, a business that sells marinated chicken should trust that a reseller has enough refrigerator space so that goods won't spoil when it reaches the end consumer. This opened up complex use cases which if not paid attention to would be a mess.

Features such as messaging, verification, and adding 'partners' were vital to build some form of trust between these parties.
Development Stage
I used to build all aspects of the platform such as the front-end,  API connections, workflows, and database structure.

In my opinion, Bubble is by far the easiest tool out there to go from idea to launch, and with this much complexity it was a no-brainer for the team to agree.
I proposed to add illustrations just because of how useful they are at explaining complicated concepts and processes.
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