Product Design
Before eValues, the Jollibee Food Corporation’s (JFC) trainee onboarding process was full of physical artifacts like workbooks, it functioned to teach newcomers 'JFC Values'.

This had issues in terms of consistency at a global scale.

JFC eValues aimed to improve the company’s on-boarding process by digitizing their values training material, adding interactive games, and establishing an exam feature to ensure that applicants-in-training know JFC’s values inside and out.

An NDA was signed so the details I can share is limited.
I worked as the lead designer and Adobe Captivate developer, together with 3 other supporting designers and a project manager.

Design and development lasted for 5 months and Adobe Captivate was used to develop the whole platform.
The program was rolled out in the Philippines among JFC’s 5 brands (i.e., Greenwich, Burger King, Chowking, Red Ribbon, and Jollibee).
Client Brief
The client wanted a program exclusively created within Adobe Captivate that was 'clutter-free' but at the same time have design elements that represented not just Jollibee, the flagship brand, but all brands under JFC.

In terms of features we recommended simple games, puzzles, and video guides, which were functionalities that Adobe Captivate can handle.
The architecture spanned three modules that trainees had to take, where if they failed in one or two activities the flow would bring them back to the very start, simple enough in theory.

Though overtime the scope and features increased and we constantly had to rethink how we could best fit pieces of fractionalized information to create a smooth user flow.

As one of my first projects, I can say that our team handled it well and this is one that I'm very proud of.