Tara Na!
Product Design
Tara Na! is a mobile app that helps tourists travel in the new normal by helping them find Department of Tourism accredited sites, restaurants, and stays as well as making it easier for tourists to declare their health via QR code.

The app makes use of a machine learning algorithm to recommend the best places to users based on their interactions and user data.
I worked on this project for ZeroSix AI as the senior product designer along with two freelance UI/UX designers, a front and back-end dev, a privacy officer, and a product manager.
The app reached 5,000+ users at the end of 2021.
Merchant-side Application
The end user app is connected to the merchant dashboard and a travel pass application web app as well. These make up an interconnected system for tourists, merchants, and local government officials to ensure safe travel in the new normal.
Merchant application
Scan QR tab
Repeat customer filter
Customer gender filter
Business hours
Travel Pass Application
Web Apps
Exclusively for those going to La Union, Philippines, this side of the whole system is where tourists process their travel passes to enter the surf town.

The local government of La Union's tourism arm also has a separate view for application approvals, travel requirement updates, admin access management, and other admin privileges.
Landing page
Tourist-side: Inner application view
Tourist-side: Travel pass applications
Government-side: Reports
Government-side: Travel requests
Government-side: Required documents page
Visual Identity
Color palette
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